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Our main activity is the execution of Heritage Impact Assessments (HIA’s). Since the National Heritage Resources Act (NHRA) came into effect in 1999, many previously unlisted activities became subject to heritage management. G&A Heritage had been operating since the old National Monuments Act of 1969 and was already involved with heritage management when the new act came into effect. This saw the company involved with the application of the new act since its inception and subsequent amendments. Few companies have such an extensive background in Heritage legislation. This background enables G&A Heritage to supply their clients with extensive guidance on the application of the NHRA and could potentially save them significant costs in areas where exemptions could be applied rather than full scale assessments.

One of the main strong points of G&A Heritage is our ability to supply clients with quick and effective service and the fastest turn-around time on reports in the business. Because G&A Heritage is only involved in heritage management we can apply our total focus on client’s projects. Part time consultants, such as academics, cannot commit sufficient time to their work to provide efficient service to their clients. This is where G&A Heritage excels; we usually have our reports ready and submitted within one week from the completion of our fieldwork.

G&A Heritage also has strong working relationships with the different provincial as well as national SAHRA offices and can facilitate return of comments faster than any other company.

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