G&A Heritage Awarded Waterfall Country Estate Grave Relocation

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During June 2012, Centurion Developments, a large business and residential developer based in Gauteng, awarded G&A Heritage the sole contract for the relocation of around 170 – 200 graves from the Waterfall Country Estate Development. The Waterfall Country Estate is a high income residential development located next to the N1 highway in Midrand. The informal cemetery was identified by the developer and the decision was made to relocate the graves to a formal cemetery in Midrand. The Waterfall Country Estate is a high security complex and access control to the site would have made visits to the graves by relatives difficult. Having free access to the site is also a security risk and having the graves inside of a residential development in plain sight was also deemed to be insensitive towards the families involved.

The total cost for the relocation of the graves to a formal cemetery, including new caskets and burial plots will be carried by the developer.

Cleaning of the grave sites as well as preliminary social consultation has already commenced. The exhumation of the first graves is expected to be facilitated in September 2012. The last graves should be relocated by end of October 2012.

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