Fairy Rock-Art?

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While documenting a San rock art site in the Soutpansberg, G&A Heritage fieldworkers identified a monochrome drawing of what seems (to the Western eye at least) to be the depiction of a fairy. The graceful figure was noticed on a panel with several hand-prints and animal drawings on the farm Ontmoet near Vivo in the Limpopo Province. Although the concept of fairies abounds in African Folklore, such as the Aziza and Abatwa, the concept has never been described in San or Khoi-San culture, at least not to the same effect as in western culture.

The drawing in question is almost certainly a depiction of an anthropomorphic figure. This human/animal character is a very important power figure in the San mythology and is often depicted in rock-art shelters or places of power. Be that as it may, the drawing has such striking familiarity for western observers that it begs to be lifted from epistemological blandness to something more esoteric.

Here is the picture; decide for yourself!

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