G&A Heritage Management Consultants

We are the leading cultural resource management company in the Limpopo Province and rated among the top CRM companies in South Africa and Africa. G&A Heritage was founded by Stephan Gaigher as an independent consultancy in 2007 after ten years of managing other heritage firms. A decade of involvement with CRM indicated the need for a streamlined, efficient but still affordable consulting firm in the African arena. This resulted in the formation of Gaigher & Associates Heritage Management which eventually evolved into G&A Heritage.

The strategy of G&A Heritage is to bring together an array of specialists as associates rather than permanent employees, thereby lowering overhead costs and resulting in a substantial saving for the client. We are committed to the highest level of resource management, and strive to foster a culture of excellence in our work and ethics as well as our interaction with our clients. Ethical work and reporting is at the forefront of what has helped make us the company that we are.

G&A Heritage is committed to social upliftment and yearly completes several pro-bono projects aimed at improving the quality of life for our less fortunate communities. We are also involved in National and International development projects and most recently managed the rehabilitation project for the Mapungubwe World Heritage Site. G&A Heritage was also responsible for the compilation of the Heritage Management Plan for the West Coast Park World Heritage Site. Apart from these activities G&A Heritage is also affiliated with several American and British Universities involved with post graduate research in Southern Africa through the Lajuma Research Centre.
G&A Heritage is leaders in the field of Heritage Impact Assessments (HIA’s), Grave Repatriation and all aspects of Cultural Resource Management including Cultural Resource Management Plans (CRMP). We operate throughout the African continent and pride ourselves on affordable, efficient and professional service.

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